Ramp Help
Naming Your Scans and Running Batch Scans

This feature allows you to save your favorite chart pattern scan setups by name and run them one at a time or the entire list of scans all at once as a batch.  There is no limit to the number of scans you can save or run as a batch.  Each control on the form is described in detail below.


To Save a Scan by Name
To save a scan using a name of your choice you will first set up any scan you like.  You then must run the scan.  After the scan has run and you decide you want to save it by name, click on "File" and then "My Scans".   It is required that any scan you save by name has just been run.  This way all of your settings will be recorded properly for the new scan name.

Delete Scan
To delete a scan, click on the scan name in the list that you want to delete.  After you have selected the scan, click on the "Delete Scan" button and the selected scan will be deleted. Be careful because there is no way to recover a deleted scan.

Save the Last Scan Run by this Name
To save a scan by name, be sure the name you want to use is in the top text box. When you click this button the settings from the last scan run will be recorded under this scan name.  Be sure that you have just run the scan and that you have not changed any setting since the last scan was run.

Load Scan
You can select any scan from the list and then click on "Load Scan" to load all settings for that scan.  The settings for the scan will be shown as they were saved on all forms.

Run Scan
You can run a selected scan from the list directly from this form.  Simply click on any scan name and then click the "Run Scan" button.

Start Batch Run Now
This button will instruct Ramp to run all of the scans in the list one at a time without pausing between scans.

Auto Start Batch when Ramp Starts
This check box will instruct Ramp to automatically run all scan in the list as soon as the Ramp Program is started.

Leave Ramp Running after Batch Scans
If you select this radial button Ramp will simply wait for your next instruction after a batch scan is finished.

Run Batch Scans in a Continuous Loop
If you check this radial button, Ramp will rerun the batch scan continuously until you click on the stop scan button on the main control form.  This will allow you to continuously monitor a list of stocks for multiple patterns and or time frames throughout the trading day.

Close Ramp When Batch is Finished
When you select this option the Ramp Program will automatically shut down when the Batch run is complete.