Nebadawn Inc. Custom Programming

We will program custom chart pattern scans for you.
Call 509 720-4702 in the USA or

Custom programming is an integral part of the Ramp business model.  Please read the short business model below.

Ramp business model
I am primarily a contract programmer and I can easily add any pattern to Ramp.  I average $15 per hour for this work.  All new scans become a public part of the Ramp Program.  The Ramp Program auto updates with these new features as they are added.  When I write a new scan for a client (Ramp Contributor) it is added to the Ramp 9 Program. The contributor gets the scan he needs, the Ramp subscribers all love to see the new features continuously added and the Ramp Project stays financially viable.  As you can see, Ramp is much more than just the best pattern scanner available.  It is an ongoing project, supported by the members.  If you would like to stay informed of the new features and other Ramp Project news you can sign up for the free Ramp Newsletter at .  When you subscribe to Ramp, you become a member.  You can run a free trial of the program and read more at

All scans are added to the existing Ramp 9 Program so the cost of a scan is very low.  The only code required is for the scan itself.  Ramp already has all of the supporting data and charting code in place.  This makes adding new scans quick and easy.

Please email for a quotation.  All projects have an agreed finish price before work begins.

Thank you.
Andy Skinner
The developer of the Ramp Program