Install Ramp 7.0

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Install RampRT
Most users run Ramp on free End of Day data.  Ramp was renamed RampRT when QuoteCenter and MT4 Intra Day Data was added as real time data options.  You will want to install and run RampRT.exe for both the Ramp EOD and intraday options.


1.  Be sure that no other programs are running when you install Ramp.

2.  Ramp runs on free market data from the internet and must be able to communicate past your computer's fire wall.  This is normally not an issue.  However, if RampRT is not able to run or does not show scan results, you will need to "Unblock" RampRT and allow it to communicate through your computer's fire wall.  The links below are provided to show you how to "Unblock" RampRT if you find it necessary.
                          Windows 7 Firewall Video                                      Other Firewalls

Click Here to install RampRT

 Ramp7    Look for the Ramp Release 7 icon on your desktop after you have installed RampRT.

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